May I forgive myself ?_2024.03.13

Freena's Healing Session Report

Suzie was my first client that my divine team brought to me!

I met her while standing in line before a Kirtan event started. She asked me where she could buy a ticket and I answered. Then we naturally started to chat. She asked me what my job was. I introduced myself as a healer. I said I was going to start my own healing business soon and if she wanted a session with me, I could offer it with very good price. 

After our short chat, the event started and we sat next to each other and enjoyed the Kirtan. After the event, she said she liked my powerful energy and wanted to have a healing session with me. 


So she visited my place a week later. Before we started, I asked her any topics she wanted to handle on this session. And she just wanted to surrender and heal if there were some beliefs on unconscious level, which she didn’t recognize.


To start with, I prayed to the highest of the highest of God, Shiva, Kali, Ganesha, Jesus, Buddha, and many other spirit guides for help.

In addition, I asked Archangel Michael for Aura Protection, Archangel Samuel for Unconditional Love, Archangel Raphael for powerful Healing Energy, and Archangel Zadkiel and Ascended Master, St. Germain for Violet flame healing energy. 

Plus, I drew Usui/Holy Fire Reiki symbols towards her. 

Healing Process

Inner Child

I started hands-on healing on the top of her head to open the portal for energy flow. And I moved to her feet.

(After the session, the client said; she felt so much energy flew into her entire body at this point, when I put my hands to her feet)

When I touched her feet, I felt like crying. And I felt that I needed to touch her lower abdomen. While my hands on her abdomen area, I felt a thick black energy coming out and I was almost vomiting and then, after the dark energy was out, I burped.

Usually healees(clients) have disconnected from their emotions and can’t feel them hidden deep inside of themselves. This is why I, as a vessel for the Universe, feel those emotions on unconscious level and let them go. 

From her abdomen, I heard her inner child saying that “I wanna go back to God. I want to live as authentic myself. I am ashamed of expressing myself. If I would express myself, I am afraid of what other people think of me. I’ve abandoned myself and my true emotions. Will I forgive myself?” 

(After the session, the client said she repeated “I want to reconnect to my higher-self” in her mind. And she has suppressed her emotions and it’s not comfortable for her to share her emotions. She was about to cry when she talked about her child hood.)

So I placed my fingers on her solar plexus and third-eye chakra areas at the same time and told the little child “That’s not truth. That’s the mind jail you made. Wake up! You can do whatever you want to do. It’s okay.”

I placed my hands on her abdomen(2nd Chakra) and Throat(5th Chakra) at the same time. From the abdomen, dry and cold energy coming up to my throat, so that I had to cough. 

(After the session, the client said; she also felt burning on her abdomen area and icy cold on her throat.) 

And I saw a frozen little girl curled up inside a large block of ice. She needs to do some more inner child work. 

Intuitively, I sent energy towards her root chakra. All of a sudden, I felt chilling and the icy cold dark energy coming up my arms and into my body. So I took it and sent it back to the Mother Gaia.

Past life

After the big dark energy out, I felt pain in heart area. So I placed my hands on her heart area and felt my hands burning. And I saw an image of a lady from the Joseon Dynasty, which is the last kingdom of Korea. 

In her past life, she was abandoned by her loved one and was so sad that she took her own life. 

I asked her to turn around so that I could heal the old energy on her back. Usually, very old wounds from past lives are stuck in the back side of chakras. 

(After the session, the client said; she has been attracted to Asian guys. Now she figured out the reason!)

I put this song to wrap up the session. In the middle of the music playing, I saw the lady becoming golden white light and going up to the sky. I was so happy to see her coming back to the Source, God.

Wrap up

I asked Archangels for Aura protection and Unconditional Love and Abundance towards her. 

And I asked Suzie to repeat after me. “May I forgive myself? May I be free? May I be happy? May all beings be happy and fee?”

Client's Review

She mentioned a such strong headache after the healing session. It is not uncommon to experience many side effects when you start cleansing your body. 

Note for a spiritual healing crisis

A healing crisis can be triggered by energy healing. 

It is not uncommon to experience many side effects when you start cleansing your body. These can include cold and flu like symptoms, changes in bowel motions, fatigue, fevers, heartburn, joint pain, swelling, rashes, itching, lung congestion, headaches, emotional releases and more.

This is a temporary condition that occurs after receiving an energy healing treatment. It is a sign that the body is working to heal itself and release any blockages or negative energy that may be hindering the healing process.

It can help to spend some quiet time with whatever you are feeling and see if you can support your body to release anything that is no longer serving you. Drink extra water, rest, and practice self-compassion.